What are the advantages of living in D’ Le Roi Soleil?

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What are the advantages of living in D’ Le Roi Soleil?

As a foreigner in Vietnam, what’s really important for me in finding my home is the location. Actually, that fact applies to everyone. Everybody wants a convenient life. Everybody wants their home to be close to the spots where they can access their basic needs like food, recreational centers, groceries and shops, schools, and government offices. I truly believe that this is what D’ Le Roi Soleil can offer. The location is very convenient because it is situated in the central part of West Lake in Tay Ho district.
West Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Hanoi with a shore length of 17 kilometers and 50 hectares in area. This is a perfect place for recreation with many surrounding gardens, hotels, shops, boutiques and restaurants. Compared to other districts in Hanoi, more locals working in the establishments within Tay Ho speak English because of the diverse nationality living in this community.
If you want to relax and see the significant places in Hanoi, D’ Le Roi Soleil is also perfect for you. Around the project is the spiritual monuments such as government Tay Ho Temple Kim Lien and Quang Ba Pagoda, Tran Quoc Temple, Quan Thanh Temple. This is the area of foreign communities, VIP groups, ambassadors, and senior international organizations and they have chosen this community as the place to settle.

How does it feel to live in D’ Le Roi Soleil?

D’ Le Roi Soleil Luxury Apartment is an apartment-style with French architecture. This project is considered a work of elegance and class. It is delicate in each design with a remarkable combination of art and nature. Project D 'Le Roi Soleil unites the eliteness and family structure to create a prosperous happy life for its residents. The vision of the management is to make you feel secure, alive and free to move all around the area and I truly believe that this has been successfully achieved by the management.
D’ Le Roi Soleil Luxury Apartment is built on 10,000 square meters of land, with two apartment towers of 25 floors each, 8 service floors and 5 basement parking spaces.
D’ Le Roi Soleil is a place where harmony of masterpieces and family links to create a life of happiness. D’ Le Roi Soleil aims to be a place of outstanding values, providing true enjoyable memories to its clienteles with the most cutting-edge facilities. The apartment is administered by the 5-star management unit Pan Pacific.

What are the amenities that I can take advantage of in D’ Le Roi Soleil?

The management, aiming to provide complete set of amenities catering to all ages, provides an ambiance wherein anyone can stay home and still achieve fun and excitement. There is an infinity pool and a four-season pool on the 8th floor; a gym, spa, yoga, supermarket, clinics, air ticket offices, and restaurant also available inside the building. Also, the developer reserved a space for children’s play area and preschool for the little residents. Truly, the developer aims to provide you what you need within the comfort of your home.
D’ Le Roi Soleil Luxury Apartment offers 2 to 4 bedrooms which is suitable for families who prefers sizeable space between 83 square meters to 333 square meters.

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